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Lecture by Dr. John Jost (Professor, New York University)(2010/12/20)

Co-sponsored the meeting by Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research.

Lecturer: Dr. John Jost (Professor, New York University)
Title: Left & Right: The Psychological Basis of a Political Distinction Venue: Kokoro Research Center, Kyoto University

Professor Jost will summarize recent theoretical and empirical advances concerning the scientific understanding of the relationship between certain psychological variables and left-right political orientation. More specifically, he will summarize converging lines of research that link basic social, personality, cognitive, motivational, and even neurophysiological processes to ideological differences between the left and the right. He will also discuss situational factors that are capable of inducing gliberalh and gconservativeh shifts in political attitudes. These findings and many others suggest that, contrary to received wisdom in the social and behavioral sciences over the past several decades, political ideology is indeed a meaningful force in peoplefs lives and that it may be rooted in fundamental psychological antinomies, including general preferences for stability vs. change, order vs. complexity, certainty vs. ambiguity, familiarity vs. novelty, conformity vs. creativity, and loyalty vs. rebellion. Implications for psychology and society will be discussed.

Tohoku University, Global COE, International Symposium
"International Workshop"(2010/12/17)
Members of our lab participated in the meetings at Tokyo Office of Tohoku University.




John T. Jost (Professor, New York University)
A System Justification Perspective on Social Stratification and@Inequality

Kwok Leung (Professor, City University of Hong Kong)
Sex Differences in Social Cynicism across Societies: The Impact of MaleDominance and Competitiveness

Takehiro Yamamoto (Graduate Student, Tohoku University)
Effects of Marital and Employment Status on Women's Acceptance ofBenevolent Sexism

Nobuyoshi Kawashima(Graduate Student, Tohoku University)
Social Inequalities and Psychological Well-being in Japan: The Effectsof Micro and Macro Fairness

Mioru Karasawa (Professor, Nagoya University)

International Workshop for Young Scholars (2010/12/18)


Eiichiro Watamura @(Tokyo University; Japan Society for the Promotion of Science)
An Investigation on Retributive Motive in Determination of Punishment

Naoya Yada (Osaka City University)
Compensatory Judgment on Competence and Warmth in Person Perception:Antecedents and Consequences

Nobuhiko Goto (Nagoya University)
Effects of Guilt Expression by the Perpetrator Group on the Members ofthe Victim Group

Tomoko Nakamata (Tohoku University)
The Tendency to Approach and Avoid the Pleasant and Unpleasant Stimuli

John T. Jost (Professor, New York University)
Kwok Leung (Professor, City University of Hong Kong)

Nagoya University Psychology Lecture Series

Date: November 30, 2010@3PM-5PM
Speaker: Dr. Nyla Branscombe
(Professor of Psychology, University of Kansas)
Lecture Title: Moral Rights and Obligations:
Historical Victimization Reminders in Victims and Observers

I will consider how historical victimization is used by victimized groups in the present to legitimize their current harm doing; that is, history is seen by victim groups as providing them with moral rights. Among observers, however, historical victimization is perceived as entailing moral obligations to not do harm. Consequences for victim judgments when observers perceive those victims as violating expectations and doing harm or failing to help others are addressed.


15th General Meeting of the European Association of Experimental Social Psychology. (EAESP) (2008/6/10-14)

Three members from our lab attended 15th General Meeting of EAESP.

[Thematic Paper Session]
EMinoru Karasawa & Yuko Yoshinari @Causal attribution, language use, and perception of responsibility: A Japansese cases of linguistic infuluence on judgement.

[Poster Session]
ENobuko Asai & Minoru Karasawa@ Coping strategies against discrimination.
ESayaka Suga & Minoru Karasawa @Effects of language abstraction on stereotypical impression formation.

Nagoya University Psychology Lecture Series

"Re-Thinking Culture and Personality"

Date: May 30, 2008
Speaker: Dr. Tory Higgins
(Stanley Schachter Professor of Psychology, Columbia University)
Lecture TitleFRe-thinking Culture and Personality

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